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Geopathic stress. Houses on the Hill Landscape

Geopathic Stress

GEOPATHIC STRESS - Is often described as a dysfunction in the relationship between people and the natural energies of the Earth.
This affects homes, workplaces and the health and indeed happiness of people.

Spending extended periods of time in places with disturbed energy fields, our bodies may absorb harmful, subtle but overtime significant
negative energies which will adversely affect our health in a detrimental way.

This can certainly apply in sleeping or sitting areas in the home or business place.

Harmful effects may include - Depletion of our natural and subtle energies at physical or mental levels leading to impaired concentration,
perpetual fatigue, various levels of depression, lowered levels of immune system response and difficulties countering increased stress.

It is desirable to construct new buildings and extensions away from such natural imbalances and Geopathic Stress lines if possible.

However, the professional dowsing consultant will be able to repattern the flow of energies ( Chi or Qi ) thereby reducing negative health effects and raising the energy vibration of place to boost our own personal energies and wellbeing.

Geopathic Stress which may exist in certain areas naturally can also be caused when otherwise healthy energy fields become traumatised
and stressed, so that the energy flow ( Chi ) is simarly disturbed, blocked or imbalanced.
This can happen as a result of traumatic changes underneath or on the surface of the landscape. For example - quarrying, excavations,
construction projects ( possibly some miles away).

Healing and rebalancing needs to be applied by the experienced dowsing consultant in order to encourage a healthy environment which
is beneficial for people and indeed many animals.

The experienced dowsing consultant can assess the location to determine the extent and strength of negative or positive energies.

Negative energies can then be lifted &/or reduced by using possible Earth Acupuncture, Earth based spiritual rituals and various
focused techniques.

Geopathic stress can affect you and those around you. It drains energy, saps your strength and affects your mood and wellbeing.

Martin can locate the points or lines at which the geopathic stress and other harmful energies are located using his dowsing skills. He can then apply highly focused skills to remove them.

Once the quality and type of energies (Qi or Chi ) are established by dowsing, suitable advice can be given on how to minimise any malign effects or indeed how to encourage positive energies.

Positive and high vibration energies can also be located and their existence demonstrated which is helpful and provides inspiration for us to
experience them.

This changes energies and possibly prospects for all types of businesses and improves additionally the success of farms and gardens
in many cases.

Dowsing and Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress is located using dowsing techniques.

Viewed as both an art and a science, dowsing connects the rational conscious mind with the intuitive and deeper parts of our mind, thereby accessing universal knowledge. In this case, dowsing is used to detect where the negative energy is situated or flowing, so that it can be eliminated.

Dowsing itself is an ancient art and practice which allows us to dowse for hidden information. Dowsing uses our natural sensitivity which enables us to know things that we cannot know by learning or using our knowledge and the experiences gained through our five physical senses. It is in fact a way of effectively accessing our own intuition, giving us the possibility of increased wisdom and sure guidance in life.

Dowsing is most famous for being used in the search for underground water which is a fundamental need in many parts of the world, but it has many other applications, such as the location of geopathic stress.

Dowsing for Geopathic Stress Consultations

The consultations can either be at you home or business premises, or the consultation can also be done remotely.

Martin is a professional Dowsing Consultant with some 20 years experience.
Registered with the British Society of Dowsers ( BSD )
Call for a consultation on - 07884 262344.

Accredited Feng Shui consultant with the Feng Shui Society.
Professional Feng Shui Diploma ( FSNI )

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